Paid Marketing

Twitter Paid Advertisement

Twitter Paid Advertisement

Twitter Ad is an objective based campaign, designed to get you the desired results to drive action and add value to your business. Create campaigns customized for numerous business goals such as increasing website traffic and driving brand awareness.

We can provide you a number of free analytics tools to help your analyze, and optimize campaigns. We can help track impressions, results, cost-per-result across multiple campaign objectives. Our expertise and experience in Twitter Ad will take you to the front of potential customers who are interested in your business and products.

Twitter Ads campaign types:

    • Increase Traffic, Conversion, and Sales:

      Increase user engagement and stimulate interest around your products and services. Showcase your business to bring audiences to your website.

    • Build Audience:Twitter is the perfect social media platform to create brand loyalty and thought leadership. Over 90% of the respondents of a survey said they plan to purchase a product they saw on a social media platform.
    • Increase Engagement:Followers on Twitter love to discover better content and engage in interesting conversations. Post your best content to get the highest response.
    • Mobile App Promotion:Only 20% of Twitter’s users are on web and rest of the world is on mobile. This is the perfect time for mobile app promotion.
Why Paid Twitter for Marketing ?
  • Only pay when your take the action for paid campaign
  • You can plan for Website conversion / tweet engagement
  • Run app installation campaign
  • Twitter can be far superior for lead generation
  • Create campaign for targeted keywords & hashtag
  • Easy to create Tailored Audiences to reach your competitors audiance
  • Low cost per click compare to other paid platforms