LinkedIn Paid Marketing

LinkedIn Paid Advertisement

LinkedIn Paid Advertisement and Marketing

If you have a business set-up, you need to have a LinkedIn account. Being the best professional social media platform, it provides essential tools and features to turn your business into a brand in your niche market. With recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft, business are expected to see powerful collaboration features. LinkedIn makes it easier for HRD, sales team as well as corporate professionals to connect and share knowledge.

Reach Professional Audience:

    • More than 400M active professionals
    • Promote your brand to a more professional and mature audience
    • Easy to target corporate professionals and business owner

Target Professional Based on:

    • Job Title, Function and Seniority
    • Connect to marketing & purchase mangers directly
    • By Industry and Company Sizemore targeting options

Create easy and effective ads

    • Launch self-service campaigns
    • Create ads through image, video and text
    • Increase your brand visibility
    • Managed campaigns with dedicated Account Team support

Deliver real results

    • Build awareness among quality audiences and drive quality leads
    • Generate leads through lead forms
    • Measure and optimize with powerful reporting and analytics tool both in-built and third-party