Facebook Paid Marketing

Facebook Paid Advertisement

Facebook Paid Advertisement

Create targeted adverts on Facebook to reach thousands of active audiences and meet big business goals. Facebook is world’s most popular social media channel with over 1 billion users and nearly 900 million visits every day. You can target audiences based on multiple parameters to get relevant and anticipated results.

Why Facebook paid Marketing ?

    • Target customers in your niche marketing to targeting based on demography, age, interest and more.
    • Facebook paid advertising is the most targeted form of marketing
    • You can start with a very small budget
    • Easy to target small location to large demographic
    • Help to increase referral traffic to website
    • Cost per conversion / acquisition is less
    • Remarketing ads will help drive targeted customers
    • You can run image, text and Video ads
    • Tap into larg mobile audience base.
    • Facebook provides powerful analytics tools to help advertisers monitor and modify their ad campaign to get high-quality leads and prospects.
    • Facebook has one of the most faithful user base who check on their phone multiple times a day.

Types of Facebook Ads:

  • omain Ad: This ad is displayed in the right size and can be implemented at a very low price. This is employed to increase traffic and leads.
  • Page Post Link: Also called as ‘Newsfeed Ad’, this is one of the most common ads employed on Facebook. It offer larger space than ‘Domain Ad’ for content so that businesses can describe themselves better. It also results in high ROI ad gives a generous engagement boost.
  • Multi-Product Ad or Carousel Ad: This is one of the most common Facebook Ads used by ecommerce industry for sales, page likes and brand expansion. It is mobile friendly, which makes it one of the most useful and profitable ad.
  • Canvas: Canvas is the new tool in the Facebook Ad toolbox. It is one of the most creative, storytelling and dynamic app, perfect for all types of business. The ad is hardwired to be impressive, but it is mobile-only.
    Page Like, Page Post Photo, Page Post Videos: These the ad types are designed for likes and engagement. They are the most commonly used campaign by companies around the world, because of its high ROI and it meets its goal.
  • Facebook ad types are vast, and here are some other ad types: Event, Offer, Mobile app, Desktop app etc.