Expected Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

Digital Marketing is always a prediction based on historical data and user behaviour.

2019 will spectator the perfect merge of IoT (Internet of Things) and Edge Computing. These two technologies will ensure M2M (Machine to Machine) communication and enable us to get access to data at a faster speed. And the AI (Artificial Intelligence) will play a big role over here. To track everything of your interest and provide you the best options to choose. So the face of Digital Marketing going to be changes a lot in the course of time.

1. Voice Search & Smart Speakers are the newest trend

Voice Search & Smart Speaker
Hey Siri, what’s the cricket score now?
Alexa, find a nearby restaurant for me.

The increasing use of voice search has made it important for companies to rethink their digital marketing strategies in 2019.

Based on marketing data – 41% of adults conduct at least one voice search per day. And that number keep rising. Any by 2020, 50% of all online queries will be through voice search. So, now the Voice Search Optimization is a hot topic in market. Gradually with time Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter and voice assistants like Alexa and Siri performing much better. And not to surprise – like Google Adwords, you will be able to purchase voice ad space for home speakers. And it’s just tip of the iceberg.

2. Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence


AI (Artificial Intelligence) can analyze user behaviour and search patterns by utilizing all tracking data through GPRS, Social Media and all other internet activities.

This technology will help marketers to deliver more personalized service to their customers. And Chatboats would be one of the greatest example of using AI to communicate user as a virtual assistant and most likely with a human touch.

3. Video Marketing is still on TOP

Video Marketing


1 minute video is equals to the value of 1.8 million words. And the trend of Live Video is gaining much popularity. Staring from cooking to how products made, review, events etc…

High quality smartphones made things much easier and cheaper to create and share videos online. And most probably a higher version of 360-degree video will come up with more interactive experience.

4. Messaging Apps – Social Media

Messaging Apps


If you think social media messengers are only for emojis & messages??

Consider below stats

1.3 billion monthly users are active on Facebook Messenger
2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses on Facebook Messenger every month
– WhatsApp has 1.3 billion monthly active users excluding Business WhatsApp
55 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp every day

Social messaging apps are very helpful to give a personal touch to your customer directly and add value to the user experience.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing


Influencer Marketing is a new trend of marketing referred by word-of-mouth. Lets few popular bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, Journalist or celebrities talk about your brand / products and helps to drive genuine traffic as well branding. They really help to promote your business through their social channels.

6. Micro Moments Content Strategy


Micro Moments Content

Micro Moments are like frequently used search terms (Keywords) by users to take immediate decision through manual or voice search. Like – Where, How, Best, Buy and more common queries related to Retail, Travel, Dining etc…

This is a “common consumer behaviour” termed as “Micro Moments by Google. And this optimization process would be more useful to provide relevant data to the user.


2019 will be about better customer experience with personalization, automation and AI-powered technology, so to stay ahead of the curve and increase conversions in the coming year, you’ll need to get better at producing custom, conversational content – particularly video content – to share with your better-targeted audience.