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Bing Shopping Ads Services

Bing shopping ad is the answer to Google’s product listing ad. It allows advertisers to show rich content like pictures, price and description on e-commerce based search results on Bing and Yahoo. It brings additional sales opportunity to business across the globe. It should be noted that Bing has over 100 million user base, which cannot be ignored in terms of e-commerce possibilities.

Benefits of Shopping Ads

    • Higher Return on Investment (ROI): As many customers have already decided on the product they want to buy and if you present those products with product listing ads, there will be significant reduction in CPC (Cost Per Click) and increased CTR (Click Through Rate), which will result in high ROI.

      With e-commerce getting mobile, product listing ads will bolster brand presence and sale in mobile devices.

    • PLA on Bing provides deeper control over campaign and provides powerful customization features to help streamline product feed in Bing search results and helps to manage larger inventory.