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Banner Marketing

Remarketing Ad’ is a strategy to convert casual web visitors to potential customers. The ad is targeted to people who have browsed through your website or mobile app but left without making a purchase. Here, remarketing helps your business to reconnect with them by presenting relevant ads while browsing on the web, using mobile apps or doing a Google search.


Remarketing can be strategically used in your advertising campaigns to drive very high return on investment (ROI).

  • Reach out online audience when they are most likely to buy your product, it could be while they’re visiting your website, browsing web or using mobile apps.
  • Create tailored lists to achieve required marketing goals. For example you can create a separate lists for visitors to browse through your website but don’t buy products; you can create separate advertising campaign for them.
  • Opportunity to reach large-scale audience by showing-up your ad to potential customers who are using Google search or using mobile apps. This is all part of the Google Display Network.
  • Make your advertising efforts more cost-effective with automated bid strategies such as targeted CPA, and ROAS. Real-time bidding can help calculate the best bid for a user who is viewing your ad. There’s no additional cost to using Google’s auction.
  • Create ad easily with multiple text, image and video for free with Ad gallery. Easy scaling opportunity across multiple devices.
  • Most importantly you can generate reports of your campaign with Google Insights. Google Insight is a sophisticated tool which lets your monitor and improve your campaign